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Supplier of A351 CF8 304 Trunnion Ball Valve, Refer weight chart of CF8M Stainless Steel Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve has a shaft that supports the ball and seating so that the extra pressure and stress are absorbed by the trunnion. For this reason, the valve is known as trunnion mounted valve. The operation is similar to any other ball valves. The ball is located inside the shaft and moves up and down the seat. When the ball sits fully inside the seat the Trunnion Mounted Split Body Ball Valve is fully closed avoiding reverse flow. The valves are also quarter turn valves that are used to control the flow of liquids inside the pipeline. The applications are seen in water, petroleum, oil and gas and many other industrial fluid flow systems. The Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valve has no size limits.

Stainless Steel trunnion ball valve

Stainless Steel trunnion ball valve

A351 CF8 304 Trunnion Ball Valve

A351 CF8 304 Trunnion Ball Valve

CF8M Stainless Steel Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve

CF8M Stainless Steel Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve

Check Trunnion Mounted Split Body Ball Valve Dimensions, Leading Supplier of A351 CF8 Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valve

They can be found in all sizes to suit all kinds of industrial applications and pressure capacities. The pressure capacities of the valves range from 150lb to 2500lb. There are different standards to cover the dimensions and sizes of the valves. The regular sizes are from ¼ inches to 48 inches with larger diameter valves being very common. The Trunnion Mounted Top Entry Ball Valve has a top entry where the ball is located at the top of the valve. The valves also have spring loaded seats that can push the ball back when the pressure falls down. The higher the pressure from the liquid stream the tighter the Api 6d Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve seals the circulation.


Specification List of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Body Type Flanged (RF, RTJ), Buttweld
Body CS, SS, Duplex SS
Ball CS + ENP, CF8M, CF3M, Duplex SS
Stem 410 SS, 316 SS, 304 SS, XM-19, Duplex SS
Seat RTFE, PEEK, Devlon, Nylon, Viton
Seat Seal HNBR, FKM
Size Range

Series 7 - 2" to 14“ (DN 50 to 350)

Series 8 - 16” to 24” (DN 400 to 600)

Pressure Rating

Class 150 - 1500 Full and Reduced Bores

Leakage Class

Rate A acc. to ISO 5208

Design Standard

API 6D, ASME B16.34

Testing Standard

API 6D, API 598, ISO 5208

Size Range of Trunnion Mounted Split Body Ball Valve

Size Range 2 to 24" (50 – 600mm)

Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valve Temperature Range

Temperature Range -50 to 600°F (-45 to 315°C)

Design & Manufacturing Standards Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Basic Design API 6D
Wall Thickness API 6D
Face-to-Face Dimension API 6D
Flange End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.5 (1” to 24”)
ANSI/ASME B16.47 (26” & up)
Butt-Weld End Dimension ANSI/ASME B16.25
Inspection & Testing API 6D
Fire Safe Design API 607/BS 6755

Compliance Standards of Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Parameter Standard
Design API 6D/ ISO 14313/ API 608
Pressure - Temperature Rating ASME B16.34
End Flange Dimensions ASME B16.5/ ASME B16.47
Butt-weld End Dimensions ASME B16.25
Hydrostatic Testing API 6D/ API 598
Fire Test API 6FA/ API 607/ ISO 10497
Cryo Test BS 6364

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Manufacturers In India, Refer Stainless Steel 304 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Weight

Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves Materials of Construction

1BodyA350 LF2A182 F316
2BallA350 LF2+ENPA182, F316, A351, CF8M, 410 SS
3AdapterA350 LF2A182, F316, A351, CF8M
4StemA350 LF2+ENP316 SS, 17-4 PHSS, 410 SS
5Seat RingA350 LF2+ENP316 SS, 410 SS
6Seat InsertDevlon, Nylon, PEEK, RTFE
7Seat O-ring (2)Low Temp HNBR /Viton AED
8Seat SealGraphite
9GlandA350 LF2316 SS, 410 SS
10Gland RingA350 LF2316 SS, 410 SS
11Mounting PlateA350 LF2316 SS, 410 SS
12TrunnionA350 LF2316 SS, 410 SS
13Trunnion Bearing (2)PTFE, Carbon SteelPTFE, 316 SS
14Thrust WasherPTFE, Carbon SteelPTFE, 316 SS
15Gland O-ring (2)Low Temp HNBR /Viton AED
16Stem O-ring (2)Low Temp HNBR /Viton AED
17Gland GasketGraphite
18Adapter O-ring (2)Low Temp HNBR /Viton AED
19Adapter GasketGraphite
20Mounting Plate GasketGraphoil
21Stud Bolt*A320 L7MA193 B8
22Hex Nut*A194 7MA194 8
23SHCSA320 L7MA193 B8
24Anti-Static SpringInconel X-750
25Seat SpringInconel X-750
26Dowel PinCarbon SteelStainless Steel
27Grease FittingCarbon Steel316 SS
28Grease Fitting, BGHCarbon Steel316 SS
29Ball CheckStainless Steel
30NPT PlugCarbon Steel316 SS
31Vent FittingCarbon Steel316 SS
32Stem KeyCarbon SteelStainless Steel
33Foot Plate*Carbon SteelStainless Steel
34Lift Plate*Carbon SteelStainless Steel
35Trunnion Dowel PinCarbon SteelStainless Steel
36Gear OperatorDuctile Iron, Carbon Steel Worm Gear
37HandwheelCarbon Steel, Ductile Iron

Pressure - Temperature Range for Seat & Seal Materials

SeatRange (oC)
PTFE-50 to 175
RPTFE-100 to 200
Nylon 6-40 to 121
Nylon PA12G-50 to 125
Devlon® V API-50 to 150
PEEK-100 to 260
PCTFE-200 to 150
SealRange (oC)
HNBR-50 to 165
FKM (Viton®)-46 to 205
FFKM (Kalrez®)-20 to 315
Lip Seal-196 to 150

Types of Trunnion Mountain Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Stainless Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

ASTM A351 CF8M Trunnion Ball Valve

ASTM A351 CF8M Trunnion Ball Valve

Wkm 370d6 Ball Valve

Wkm 370d6 Ball Valve

GG25 Cast Iron 3 Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

GG25 Cast Iron 3 Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

A351 CF8 Self Relieving Seat Trunnion Ball Valve

A351 CF8 Self Relieving Seat Trunnion Ball Valve

Stainless Steel 304 Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve

Stainless Steel 304 Threaded Trunnion Ball Valve

Class 150 Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves Dimensions

Class 150 Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves

IN2 x 2*2.007.00/8.504.446.508.90YES/39.628.6
MM50 x 5051178/2161131652261813
IN3 x 3*3.008.00/11.1255.568.6911.09YES/68.252.8
MM80 x 8076203/2831412212823124
IN4 x 4*4.009.00/12.006.509.5611.96YES/118.894.6
MM100 x 100102229/3051652433045443
IN6 x 66.0015.50/18.008.6912.1914.59YES/497.2398.2
MM150 x 150152394/547221310371226181
IN8 x 88.0018.00/20.5010.3814.8017.20YES/748646.8
MM200 x 200203457/521264376437340294
IN10 x 1010.0021.00/22.0012.1316.6319.78YES/1196.81047.2
MM250 x 250254533/559308422502544476
IN12 x 1212.0024.00/25.0013.8818.6921.84YES/1696.21546.6
MM300 x 300305610/635353475555771703
IN14 x 1413.2527.00/30.0015.5021.0024.15YES/23432145
MM350 x 350337686/7623945336131065975
IN16 x 1615.2530.00/33.0017.1922.7526.75/YES3042.62743.4
MM400 x 400387762/83843757868013831247
IN18 x 1817.2534.00/36.0018.7525.7529.80/YES43893940.2
MM450 x 450438864/91447665475719951791
IN20 x 2019.2536.00/39.0020.5027.0532.50/YES5288.84789.4
MM500 x 500489914/99152168782624042177
IN24 x 2423.2542.00/45.0024.3832.8036.67/YES8681.27933.2
MM600 x 6005911067/114361983393139463606
IN26 x 2625.0045.00/49.0034.8350.0055.91/YES10476.49429.2
MM650 x 6506351143/12478851270142047624286
IN28 x 2827.0049.00/53.0036.4052.4558.36/YES11974.610775.6
MM700 x 7006861247/13469251332148254434898
IN30 x 3029.0051.00/55.0038.7755.7561.95/YES14966.613470.6
MM800 x 8007371295/13979851416157468036123
IN36 x 3634.5060.00/68.0044.5463.9070.10/YES24945.822451
MM900 x 9008761524/17271131162317811133910205
IN42 x 4234.5073.00/82.0044.5463.9070.10/YES24945.822451
MM1050 x 10508761854/20831131162317811133910205

Class 300 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Dimension Table

IN2 x 2*2.008.509.1258.504.446.508.90YES/59.4044
MM50 x 50512162322161131652262720
IN3 x 3*3.0011.12511.7511.1255.568.6911.09YES/9979.2
MM80 x 80762832992831412212824536
IN4 x 4*4.0012.0012.62512.006.509.5611.96YES/158.4134.2
MM100 x 1001023053213051652433047261
IN6 x 66.0015.87516.5015.888.6912.1914.59YES/547.8468.6
MM150 x 150152403419403221310371249213
IN8 x 88.0019.7520.37520.5010.3814.8017.20YES/847737
MM200 x 200203502518521264376437385335
IN10 x 1010.0022.37523.0022.0012.1316.6319.78YES/1245.21075.8
MM250 x 250254568584559308422502566489
IN12 x 1212.0025.5026.12525.0013.8818.6921.84YES/1894.21705
MM300 x 300305648664635340475555861775
IN14 x 1413.2530.0030.62530.0015.5021.0024.15YES/2593.82294.6
MM350 x 35033776277876239453361311791043
IN16 x 1615.2533.0033.62533.0017.1922.7526.75/YES3440.83093.2
MM400 x 40038783885483843757867915641406
IN18 x 1817.2536.0036.62536.0018.7525.7529.80/YES4987.44490.2
MM450 x 45043891493091447665475722672041
IN20 x 2019.2539.0039.7539.0020.5027.0532.50/YES5486.84987.4
MM500 x 500489991101099152168782624942267
IN24 x 2423.2545.0045.87545.0024.3832.8036.67/YES92298430.4
MM600 x 60059111431165114361983393141953832
IN26 x 2625.0049.0050.0049.0034.8350.0055.91/YES11675.410476.4
MM650 x 6506351245127012458851270142053074762
IN28 x 2827.0053.0054.0053.0036.4052.4558.36/YES1397012573
MM700 x 7006861346137213469251332148263505715
IN30 x 3029.0055.0056.0055.0038.7755.7561 .95/YES16964.215265.8
MM800 x 5007371397142213979851416157477116939
IN36 x 3634.5068.0069.12568.0044.5463.9070.10/YES25944.623350.8
MM900 x 9008761727175617271727162317811179310614
IN42 X 4240.2382.00/82.0037.36/43.26/YES3593532701
MM1050 x 105010222083/2083949/10991630014833

Dimension Table of Class 600 Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves

IN2 x 2*2.0011.5011.62511.504.446.508.90YES/68.252.8
MM50 x 50512922952921131652263124
IN3 x 3*3.0014.0014.12514.005.568.6911.09YES/118.894.6
MM80 x 80763563593561412212825443
IN4 x 4*4.0017.0017.12517.006.509.5611.96YES/217.8178.2
MM100 x 1001024324354321652433049981
IN6 x 66.0022.0022.12522.008.6912.1914.59YES/598.4497.2
MM150 x 150152559562559221310371272226
IN8 x 88.0026.0026.12526.0010.3814.8017.20YES/1196.8976.8
MM200 x 200203660664660264376437544444
IN10 x 1010.0031.0031.12531.0012.1316.6319.78YES/1696.21375
MM250 x 250254787791787308422502771625
IN12 x 1212.0033.0033.12533.0013.8818.6921.84YES/2193.41775.4
MM300 x 300305838841838353475555997807
IN14 x 1413.2535.0035.12535.0015.5021.0024.15/YES2943.62393.6
MM350 x 35033788989288939453361313381088
IN16 x 1615.2539.0039.12539.0017.1922.7526.75/YES4538.63740
MM400 x 40038799199499143757868020631700
IN18 x 1817.2543.0043.12543.0018.7525.7529.80/YES5876.24809.2
MM450 x 45043810921095109247665475726712186
IN20 x 2019.2547.0047.2547.0020.5027.0532.50/YES6635.25438.4
MM500 x 50048911941200119452168782630162472
IN24 x 2423.2555.0055.32555.0024.3832.3836.67/YES11523.610227.8
MM600 x 60059113971405139761982293152384649
IN26 x 2625.0057.0057.5057.0031.7440.7445.64/YES13670.811475.2
MM650 x 6506351448146114488061035115962145216
IN28 x 2827.0061.0061.5061.0038.8544.7650.67/YES2245120207
MM700 x 70068615491562154998711371287102059185
IN30 x 3029.0065.0065.5065.0042.0048.2054.40/YES23949.221553.4
MM750 x 750737165116641651106712241382108869797
IN36 x 3634.5082.0082.62582.0047.3453.5459.74/YES3762033827
MM900 x 9008762083209920831202136015171710015376
IN42 X 4240.2396.00/96.0038.46/53.3/YES4759842362
MM1050 x 105010222438/2438977/13542159019215
Ask for price list of CF8M Stainless Steel Trunnion Mounted Top Entry Ball Valve, We keep ready stock of Api 6d Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve in different sizes

Class 900 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Dimensions Chart

IN2 x 2*2.0014.5014.62514.504.447.2810.90YES/118.894.6
MM50 x 50513683723681131852775443
IN3 x 3*3.0015.0015.12515.005.569.4713.05YES/178.2143
MM80 x 80763813843811412413328165
IN4 x 44.0018.0018.12518.006.5010.3413.92YES/319224.4
MM100 x 100102457460457165263354145102
IN6 x 66.0024.0024.12524.008.6912.9716.55YES/697.4558.8
MM150 x 150152610613610221329420317254
IN8 x 88.0029.0029.12529.0010.3815.5819.10YES/1546.61236
MM200 x 200203737740737264396485703562
IN10 x 1010.0033.0033.12533.0012.1317.4121.74YES/18461476
MM250 x 250254838841838308442552839671
IN12 x 1212.0038.0038.12538.0013.8819.4723.80YES/25932343
MM300 x 30030596596896535349560513151065
IN14 x 1412.7540.5040.87540.5015.5021.7826.11/YES38413093
MM350 x 35033710291038102939455366317461406
IN16 x 1614.7544.5044.87544.5017.1923.5328.71/YES47393791
MM400 x 40038711301140113043759872921541723
IN18 x 1814.7548.0048.5048.0018.3924.8330.01/YES54384239
MM450 x 45043812191232121946763176231972562
IN20 x 2018.62552.0052.5052.0020.5028.3034.46/YES10027.68032
MM500 x 50048913211334132152171987545583651
IN24 x 2422.5061.0061.7561.0024.3833.2038.63/YES1337210727
MM600 x 60059115491569154961984398160784876
IN30 x 3028.1174.0074.8874.0031.06/41.18/YES2742624410
MM750 x 750714188019021880789/10461244011072
IN36 x 3633.7490.0091.1490.0035.43/46.1/YES4442340426
MM900 x 900857228623152286900/11712015018337

Dimensions of Class 1500 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

IN1 x 1*1.00/10.0/3.155.907.64YES/70/
MM25 x 2525/254/8015019426/
IN1.5 x 1.5*1.50/12/47.567.91YES/107/
MM38 x 3838/305/10019220140/
IN2 x 2*2.0014.5014.62514.494.446.508.90YES/11995
MM50 x 50513683713681132652265443
IN3 x 3*3.0018.5018.62518.505.568.6911.09YES/240185
MM80 x 807647047347014122128210984
IN4 x 44.0021.5021.62521.506.509.5611.96YES/420280
MM100 x 100102546549546165243304191127
IN6 x 65.7527.7528.0027.758.6912.1914.59/YES1190900
MM150 x 150152705711705221310371541409
IN8 x 88.0032.7533.12532.7510.3814.8017.20/YES19361355
MM200 x 200203832841832264376437880616
IN10 x 1010.0039.0039.37539.0212.1316.6319.78/YES34202394
MM250 x 250254991100099130842250215551088
IN12 x 1212.0044.5045.12544.5013.8818.6921.84/YES51203500
MM300 x 3003051130114611303534755552327682
IN14 x 1413.2549.5050.2549.5015.5021.0024.15/YES62594310
MM350 x 35033712571276125739453361328451959
IN16 x 1615.2554.5055.37554.5017.1922.7526.75/YES92107668
MM400 x 40038713841407138443757868041863485
IN18 x 1817.2560.5061.460.5018.7525.7529.80/YES1426011420
MM450 x 45043815371559153746765475764825191
IN20 x 2019.2565.5066.37565.5020.5027.0532.50/YES2055017467
MM500 x 50048916641686166452168782693417940
IN24 x 2423.2576.5077.62576.5024.3832.3836.67/YES2759023450
MM600 x 6005911943197219436198239311254010660

Class 2500 Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves Dimensions

SIZE BORE END-TO-END Body Dimensions Trunnion FLG Weights BW Weights
IN 1 x 1* 1.00 / 14.0 / 3.78 7.56 / YES / 97 /
MM 25 x 25 25 / 356 / 96 192 / 36 /
IN 1.5 x 1.5* 1.50 / 15.24 / 4.30 8.15 / YES / 130 /
MM 38 x 38 38 / 387 / 109 209 / 48 /
IN 2 x 2* 2.00 17.75 17.875 17.75 4.44 7.28 10.90 YES / 225 216
MM 50 x 50 51 451 454 451 113 185 277 115 98
IN 3 x 3* 3.00 22.75 23.00 22.75 5.56 9.47 13.05 YES / 440 374
MM 80 x 80 76 578 584 578 141 241 331 200 170
IN 4 x 4 4.00 26.50 26.875 26.50 6.50 10.34 13.92 YES / 825 701
MM 100 x 100 102 673 682 673 165 263 354 370 314
IN 6 x 6 6.00 36.00 36.50 36.00 8.69 12.97 16.55 / YES 1790 1521
MM 150 x 150 152 914 927 914 220 329 420 800 680
IN 8 x 8 8.00 40.25 40.875 40.25 10.38 15.58 19.10 / YES 3500 2975
MM 200 x 200 203 1022 1038 1022 264 396 485 1600 1360
IN 10 x 10 10.00 50.00 50.875 50.00 12.13 17.41 21.74 / YES 5400 4590
MM 250 x 250 254 1270 1292 1270 308 442 552 2500 2940
IN 12 x 12 12.00 56.00 56.875 56.00 13.88 19.47 23.80 / YES 8300 7055
MM 300 x 300 305 1422 1444 1422 353 495 605 4000 3400

Advantages of Metal Seated Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

  • They can be quickly opened and closed with a quarter turn movement
  • Ensure a very tight seal without the need of high torque forces
  • Compact design
View A351 CF8 304 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Torque, Dealer of 3 Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Disadvantages

  • Poor regulating and throttling performance
  • Not suited for slurry applications
  • May be difficult to clean (side entry design)

We are Supplier and Exporter of below types of Trunnion Mounted Valve

Spring Loaded Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Trunnion Mountain Ball Valves Flange End
3 Way / 4 Way /5 Way Trunnion Ball Valve Double Block And Bleed Valve
Buttweld End Ball Valve Top Entry Trunnion Mounyain Ball Valve

What is Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion Ball Valve is type of ball valve mounted on a trunnion. The trunnion is a tubular structure that allows for the better operation of the valve. The trunnion holds the axis and the wheel while the axis holds the ball inside the valve body in the correct seating. The Trunnion Ball Valve Api 6d and other dimensional standards exists to govern the sizes and dimensions of the valves. The valve consists of a stem, trunnion, drain fittings, ball, seat, greases fittings and the body. The operation is manual or automated. The ball of the Trunnion Ball Valve Api 608 has an opening that can align with the pipe axis when in open position. The stem is rotated to change the direction of the ball opening and it goes against the wall of the pipes thus closing the valve to completely stop the flow.

The applicable standards are API 6D, API 608, ASME B16.34 and ISO17292. This type of valve is preferred for the standard double block sealing performance. The valve is a full die forged structure for all pressure containing parts. The Api 608 Trunnion Ball Valve uses low seat to ball friction materials. The surface finish of the sealing is reliable for long service life. The Integral Trunnion Ball Valve can come in different sizes ranging from ½ inches through 48 inches. The materials used for making the valves can vary and the pressure capacities and sizes vary according to the standards as well.