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ASTM A494 M35-1 Monel 400 Check, Gate, and Globe Valves supplier in India

Monel Valves are made up of nickel alloys with other elements as alloyants. The majority of the composition is nickel, ranging from 52 to 67% and copper. Iron, manganese, carbon and silicon are some additions to Monel. Depending on the material composition, the grade of Monel differs. The monel ball valves are made for use with high concentration acids. Monel grades such as Monel 400, 450 and K500 can handle concentrated sulfuric acids. The material is a single phase alloy and does not transform with temperature. There are different types of valves made up of different types of Monel grades. The monel globe valves are used to regulate the fluids in larger diameter pipes. The smaller diameter pipes use gate, ball and butterfly valves for regulation.

Monel Ball Valve

Monel Ball Valve

ASTM A494 M35-1 Monel 400 Check Valve

ASTM A494 M35-1 Monel 400 Check Valve

Nickel Alloy K500 Butterfly Valves

Nickel Alloy K500 Butterfly Valves

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There are also the check valve and control valve to check and control the flow in either one direction or two directions with relief and safety valves to maintain the pressure and protect the system. The monel gate valves use a gate of any type connected with a threaded stem to lower and raise the gate.


What is Monel Valves?

The gate sits in the seating when in the closed position and rises above the seating to open the valve. There are different dimensions and pressure ratings to the monel check valves and these depend on the standards. The check valve make sure that the flow is unidirectional. The Valve can vary in size from ½ inches to 24 inches and the pressure ratings vary with the valve size.

Monel 400 Valves Specification Chart

Material Monel 400
Seal Material PTFE/ RPTFE
Working Pressure 1.6 – 6.4Mpa
Working Temperature

-29°C — +180°C

Availabe Size 1/2″-4″,(DN15-DN100)
Available Connection BSP/ BSPT/ NPT/ Flanged/ Welded
Nominal Pressure P10/PN16
Operation Manual,Pneumatic, Electric
Suitable Medium Water,Sewage,Seawater,Gas,Food,Oils,etc
Standards GB9112,DIN2501,BS4504,ISO2084,ANSI125
Applications Water, Oil, Gas,
Nominal Diameter

DN40-DN300 handle lever
DN350-DN1200 gear box

Operation Temperature -10°C~150°C

Chemical Composition of Alloy 400 Valve

Monel 400 Ni C Al Mn Si Fe Cu S Co Cr
63.0 min 0.3 max 0.50 max 2.0 max 0.5 max 1.0 – 2.5 28.0 – 34.0 0.02 max

UNS N04400 Valve Mechanical Properties

Melting Point Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Tensile Strength Elongation
1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi - 35,000 , MPa - 240 Psi - 80,000 , MPa - 550 40 %

WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4360 Valve Equivalent Material

Monel 400 N04400 2.4360 NU-30M NiCu30Fe NW 4400 NA 13 ----- 28-2,5-1,5

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monel Globe Valve DIN 2.4360 Butterfly Valve
monel alloy Reducing Valve 400 Alloy Y Type Control Valve
monel 400 Gate Valve Monel UNS N04400 Diaphragm Valve
alloy 400 Cryogenic Valve alloy 400 Trunnion Ball Valve
JIS NW 4400 Pinch Valve JIS NW 4400 Ball Valve
400 Monel Needle Valve 400 Monel Plug Valve
UNS N04400 Angle Control Valve UNS N04400 Swing Check Valve

400 Monel Valve Density

Density 8.8 g/cm3

Applications of Monel Valve

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • process and control systems
  • chromatography
  • petroleum
  • power generation
  • pulp & paper plants

Monel Valve Types

Monel 400 Globe Valves

Monel 400 Globe Valve

Nickel Alloy K500 Reducing Valves

Nickel Alloy K500 Reducing Valve

JIS NW 4400 Gate Valves

JIS NW 4400 Gate Valve

Alloy 400 Cryogenic Valves

Alloy 400 Cryogenic Valve

Monel UNS N04400 Pinch Valves

Monel UNS N04400 Pinch Valve

400 Monel Needle Valves

400 Monel Needle Valve

Monel 400 Instrumentation Ball Valve Sizes

  • Size: 1/2" to 4" (DN25-DN200)
  • Thread: NPT PT BSPP G
  • Connection : Welded, Socket, Clamped, Flanged, Threaded
  • Pressure Class: PN10/ 16
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Monel 400 Needle Valve Properties

  • high corrosion resistance to acids and Alkalis.
  • high mechanical strength.
  • good ductility.
  • a low coefficient of thermal expansion

Advantages of Monel 400 Needle Valve

  • Low torque Operation
  • Positive leak free seal assembly and reassembly
  • Size range from 1/16” to 2”

Monel Valve material specification and equivalents

Forged Monel® B564 and A494 M35-1
European (DIN) Werkstoff number 2.4360 and 2.4375
Unified Numbering System (UNS) N04400 and N05500
Also referred to as Alloy 400, K500

Monel 400 Valve Thermal Properties

Physical Property


British Units


Metric Units

Mean Coefficient
of Thermal


7.7 microin./in.-°F
8.6 microin./in.-°F
8.8 microin./in.-°F
8.9 microin./in.-°F


13.9 X 10(-6)m/m-K
15.5 X 10(-6)m/m-K
15.8 X 10(-6)m/m-K
16.0 X 10(-6)m/m-K



151 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F
167 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F
193 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F
215 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F
238 Btu-in/ft²-hr-°F


21.8 W/m-K
24.1 W/m-K
27.8 W/m-K
31.0 W/m-K
34.3 W/m-K

of Elasticity


26.0 X 10(6) psi


179 GPa

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Material Standards of Monel 400 Valve

  • API 600
  • API 6D
  • API 603
  • API 602
  • API 6A
  • ASME B16.34
  • DIN1984
  • JIS2071