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View Dimensions of CW617N Brass Shut Off Valve and Alloy CW602N Solenoid Valve

Brass Valves are made and used in corrosive applications. The material is highly malleable and is used in industrial applications such as water management, wastewater management, petroleum, petrochemical and other industrial level applications. The brass radiator valves are used to supply water and coolants to the radiators. They can handle high temperatures, steam, erosion and corrosion from the hot water or hot coolant in the circulation. There are different types and shapes of the valves. The gate, ball, check valves and other types are available. The brass ball valves use balls inside the valve body. The ball valve are one of the easiest to install and to work with. The sealants and other accessories for the brass valve are easily available.

Brass Ball Valves

Brass Ball Valves

CW617N Swing Check Valve

CW617N Swing Check Valve

Alloy CW602N Gate Valve

Alloy CW602N Gate Valve

View 3/8 Brass Check Valves Dimensions, Check Price List of CW614N Brass Gate Valve

The brass gate valves have gates as the mechanical means of valve operations. The gate can be in different shapes. The gate valves are usually bidirectional. The gate is attached to the valve stem. The stem is attached to a wheel outside the valve. As the wheel is turned, it raises the valve stem out of the body, moving the gate out of the seating.


What is Brass Valves?

There are other types of valves which are used to control the flow in only one direction in the pipeline. The brass check valves allow the flow in only one direction. The dimensions, sizes and pressure capacities of the valves vary greatly with the specifications and standards. There are valves of sizes ½ inches through 48 inches in general. But the valves can be produced in larger sizes upon requests as well.

Brass Alloys Valves Specification Chart

Material Brass
Seal Material PTFE/ RPTFE
Working Pressure 1.6 – 6.4Mpa
Working Temperature

-29°C — +180°C

Availabe Size 1/2″-4″,(DN15-DN100)
Available Connection BSP/ BSPT/ NPT/ Flanged/ Welded
Nominal Pressure P10/PN16
Operation Manual,Pneumatic, Electric
Suitable Medium Water,Sewage,Seawater,Gas,Food,Oils,etc
Standards GB9112,DIN2501,BS4504,ISO2084,ANSI125
Applications Water, Oil, Gas,
Nominal Diameter

DN40-DN300 handle lever
DN350-DN1200 gear box

Operation Temperature -10°C~150°C

Chemical Composition of Brass CZ108 Valves

Chemical Element%
Cu62.00 - 64.00
Al0.0 - 0.05
Fe0.0 - 0.10
Pb0.0 - 0.10
Ni0.0 - 0.30
Others (total)0.0 - 0.10
Sn0.0 - 0.10

UNS C27200 Valve Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength300 - 550 MPa
Proof Stress110 - 500 MPa
Elongation A50 mm38 - 3%
Hardness Vickers55 - 180 HV

Physical Properties of Brass Alloys Valves

Density8.44 kg/m3
Melting Point916°C
Modulus of Elasticity103.4 GPa
Thermal Conductivity116 W/m.K
Thermal Expansion20.5x10-6 /°C

Refer CW602N brass Check Valve Butterfly and Relief Valves Weight Chart

Equivalent Grade of UNS C27200 Valve


Difference Between Brass vs. Bronze

Brass Bronze
Composition Alloy of copper and zinc. Commonly contains lead. May include iron, manganese, aluminum, silicon, or other elements. Alloy of copper, usually with tin, but sometimes other elements, including manganese, phosphorus, silicon, and aluminum.
Color Golden yellow, reddish gold, or silver. Usually reddish brown and not as bright as brass.

Brass CZ108 Check Valve Standard Specification

  • Shell: 25 kg/cm2g (350 psig)
  • Seat: 16 kg/cm2g (225 psig)
  • Maximum Temperature Handling Capacity: 220 degree Celsius

Available Types of Brass Valve

CW614N Brass Gate Valve

CW614N Brass Gate Valve

CW602N brass Check Valve

CW602N brass Check Valve

naval brass c46500 Shut Off Valve

naval brass c46500 Shut Off Valve

UNS C37000 Alloy Angle Valve

UNS C37000 Alloy Angle Valve

Alloy CW617N Needle Valve

Alloy CW617N Needle Valve

Alloy CW614N Pressure Relief Valve

Alloy CW614N Pressure Relief Valve

Features of Brass Alloys Ball Valve

  • Full flow, high flow rate
  • Minimum pressure loss
  • Compact dimensions
  • Average leak tightness
  • Low-noise opening and closing

Technical Data of UNS C27200 Check Valve

Nominal bore DN 8 up to 50 mm, acc. to design
Max. allowable operating pressure PS 40 bar, acc. to design
Cracking pressure PC Min. 0.025 bar
Temperature range -20 °C up to max. +100 °C, acc. to application
Material Housing of brass MS58 (CuZn39Pb3 / CZ121),
inner parts of POM
Spring material Stainless steel
Sealing material FKM
Valve seat Cone seal
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Size Range & Pressure Rating of Brass CZ108 Ball Valve

Size Range 6mm (1/4″) to 80mm (3″)

Specification Chart of Brass Ball Valve

  • Service:Gases and liquids compatible with wetted materials.
  • End Connections:1/4 to 3" female NPT.
  • Pressure Limits:-29" Hg to 600 psi (-736 mm Hg to 41 bar) WOG.
  • Temperature Limit:-40 to 365ºF (-40 to 185ºC).
  • Wetted Materials:Body and Body Cap: Brass; Ball: Chrome plated brass; Stem: Brass; Seat and Packing: PTFE.
  • Other Materials:Body Gland and Stem Nut: Brass; Handle Cover: Rubber; Handle: Steel.

Material Specifications of 200T Brass Globe Valve

No. Part Material
1 Body Bronze C84400
2 Disc Brass C36000
3 Stem Brass C36000
4 Lock Nut Brass C36000
5 Bonnet Brass C3770
6 Packing Graphite
7 Gland Ring Brass C36000
8 Packing Nut Brass C36000
9 Handwheel Cast Iron
10 I.D. Tag Aluminum
11 Wheel Nut Hot Rolled Plated Steel

Dimensions of Brass CZ108 Globe Valves

Brass CZ108 Globe Valves

200T02 3/8” 1.85 2.72 2.38 2.12
200T03 1/2” 1.89 2.66 2.50 2.12
200T04 3/4” 2.20 2.97 2.75 2.19
200T05 1” 2.54 3.75 3.38 2.76
200T06 1-1/4” 2.91 4.33 3.75 2.95
200T07 1-1/2” 2.91 5.12 4.50 3.31
200T08 2” 3.91 6.02 5.25 3.74
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Bronze Globe Valve Specification List

  • Threaded Ends
  • Brass Body
  • Rising Stem
  • Screwed Bonnet
  • Integral Hard Seat and Swivel Disc
  • Cast Iron Handle